Strider is Angry Again

Given that:

  • All of the major consoles upgrade at pretty much the same time.
  • Consoles, speaking in terms of raw horsepower, are roughly equivalent to a mid-to-high-end PC when they are released.
  • Consoles, being specialized equipment, are generally cheaper than an equivalent PC.
  • Consoles, being a fixed hardware configuration, generally provide a better ‘user experience’ (EG there is no fiddling with hardware or drivers to get things to work, no incompatibility with minor OS components, etc etc).
  • Available PC hardware steadily gets better over time, while console hardware only gets better at the beginning of a “console upgrade” cycle

It seems fairly obvious that:

  • At the beginning of a “console upgrade cycle”, consoles will seem as or more attractive for gaming as current PCs, particularly for users who are not willing or not interested to shell out for a top-of-the-line PC.
  • As the console cycle continues, available low-to-mid range PCs will eventually meet and then exceed consoles in terms of pure hardware performance.
  • By the end of the console upgrade cycle, PCs will grow to be more attractive gaming machines than consoles.

… so can we PLEASE get away from the “OMG PC GAMING IS DEAD 4EVER!!!!111”, “PC GAMING IS BACK!”, “OMG CONSOLE GAMING IS DEDD FOREVAR!!1112!!!11!!!shift+one11” media cycle that repeats itself like every five goddamn years?

– HC

One thought on “Strider is Angry Again”

  1. The one thing you’re forgetting is that hardware improves on a exponential rather than logarithmic curve. It’s also likely that general purpose computing hardware will essentially merge with specialized hardware platforms. I would predict that both PC and console gaming will eventually be superseded by mobile gaming and set top boxes like Google TV or whatever.

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