I can hear the colors!!

If you’re reading this, chances are you aren’t blind, but in the event that you found out tomorrow that your wife is really your mother and were compelled to gouge out your eyes, you could at least take comfort in the fact that there are many computer games designed specifically for the blind.

The first of these “audio only” games I discovered was Sonic Invaders, which plays sort of like an auditory version of Missile Command; X,C,V,Space,N,M, and < control your 180° array of guns, and as you hear incoming ships on your headphones you hit the key corresponding to the ship’s angle to fire at it. Later ships shoot back, and you need to hit B at the right time to raise your shield and deflect their shots. There is information on the screen (score, lives, time to reload your guns), but it’s all redundant with information you receive aurally, and I think the game would be even more striking with no video at all. Sonic Invaders also has the bonus of being programmed in Greece, so both of the in-game voices (one male and one female) have sexy Greek accents.

Playing an audio-only video game (audio game?) with headphones on and your eyes closed is a remarkably relaxing experience, the likes of which I haven’t had since Cloud, and the extremely unusual mechanic of no-video has gotten the feverish project gnomes who work in my brain thinking their terrible creative thoughts…

4 thoughts on “I can hear the colors!!”

  1. Cool! I was just thinking as I wrote this, “man, nobody could EVER get away with doing this on a console, where the publishers won’t greenlight anything without 3D graphics, let alone NO graphics”, but I’m very glad to be proven wrong!

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