I do this sort of thing a lot.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve shown my appreciation for things by creating variants of them. When I was a tiny monkey, my room was filled with drawings of my own ideas for Pacman mazes, Donkey Kong levels, and elaborate “Castle Greyskull alternatives” made out of cardboard boxes and random odds and ends. I have a box somewhere full of original comic book characters I created when I was 12 and discovered comic books, and when I rediscovered and watched too much Mazinger Z a couple years ago, I outlined the entire first season of my own giant robot anime, but fortunately didn’t start trying to animate it. This blog itself is the result of my reading too many video game blogs and thinking “I could do that too, but differently”. I’m sure that most people do the same thing to some degree, but probably not many people do it to the same degree that I do. I also do my best to make my work different enough that it feels “inspired by” the original material (and I will always give credit to my inspirations) and not just “derivative”.

Since I enjoyed Every Extend immensely, it naturally followed that I was compelled to create a similar game. Pretty Pretty Bang Bang is the result of that “inspiration”, and I’m happy enough with it (and feel that it’s different enough from its inpiration) that I’m going to try to make a multiplayer “real” version of it for XBox 360 Live Arcade. Give it a whirl, tell me what you think of it, and hopefully I’ll be able to maintain focus long enough that you’ll see it on XBLA sometime next year.

Damn, that felt really new games journalism-ish, didn’t it? I promise I won’t mention myself at all in the next post.

13 thoughts on “I do this sort of thing a lot.”

  1. those have to be the best boss names, ever!

    if the graphics were just alittle better, I’d say it would actually be better than EE.

  2. Wheee! that’s awsome, but it slows down something awful when there’s more than a few explosions going on at a time on my system. (2-3 fps slow, on a 2Ghz P4, 512mb) but still really fun.

  3. As I mentioned in my review, Hunty, very nice job with the prototype and I am looking forward to seeing your work on XBLA. The boss names were brilliantly absurd and I loved every one of them. Kudos, too, for your conscious attempt at making derivative works that feel different or extend the original idea by adding something new.

    That being said, I am interested in learning what you would describe as the inherent features of PPBB that extend EE?

    I’ll be on the lookout for more work coming from you. Does this mean we won’t be seeing any more prototypes until XBLA-PPBB sees the light of day?

  4. Hmm… for differentiating features I’d have to say, primarily:
    -Total lack of randomness
    -Pared-down mechanics that remove items and lives (a lesson in simplicity learned from Viral Billiards)
    -More bosses, and more focus on bosses

    The “real” version will have multiplayer, a very different graphical theme, and a variety of “player characters” with their own little gameplay differences.

    I get distracted easily, and especially since armorgames has offered to help provide artists and musicians for future projects, I’ll probably take a few breaks from the XBLA version to finish some of the flash projects I dropped because I got tired of working on art for them. Keep watching this website for future announcements! :)X

  5. i really enjoyed the game, as i do the bolg. i want to try the original EE game though, but im having a hard time navigating the site. i guess my Japanese is a little rusty, and by rusty, i mean non existent. did i miss a direct link to the download page somewhere? could you hook me up with one? thanks.

  6. Eight. Suffocation Cheesecake seems to be the cut-off point between luck and skill; I usually also die shortly after beating him, but it IS possible to get through all eight. :)X

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