The Japanese game to end all Japanese games

A doujin soft group calling themselves “Game Programming Study Club” has created the most Japanese fighting game EVER. 行殺! Spirits (“Line-Kill Spirits”) is a 3D fighting game that features little girls beating up on each other; nothing new there. The kicker, however, is that any damage you do to your opponent will slowly regenerate unless… wait for it… you take a picture of her panties. Yes. A fighting game where panty-shots are the core mechanic. You don’t believe me, do you? Then watch the VIDEO. That’s it. The Japanese are done. They can now return to planet Japania, leaving all the people of Earth horribly confused and scarred for life.

Update: Commentor “WAHAHA MAN” points out that “行殺! Spirits” is derivative of another doujin work, 行殺新é?¸çµ„ (“Line-Kill: Tokugawa Shogunate Special Police“, which appears to be a renai game) and 行殺新é?¸çµ„ FRESH (which looks like a “card battle” game), both by Liar-soft. Thanks for the tip!

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  1. I agree with NullSpace. Very interesting from an inovative gameplay mechanic point of view, but it gets disturbing fast due to the apparent age of the characters. Not something I’d be proud of playing, no matter how much I loved playing stuff like Gals Panic.

  2. I don’t think the characters are necessarily supposed to be little girls but are just drawn in a super-deformed style which makes them appear that way. I’m sure that won’t matter much to the actual lolicons that like that sort of thing though.

    I do think it’s an interesting game mechanic, could probably be done differently (like just having to get a photo of your opponent in mid-air from a hit or knocked on the ground) and it would really add to the strategy of a fighting game.

    The final panty shot coming up full screen was both disturbing and hilarious though. 😀

  3. as a just plain screwed up and demented person (probably one of the lolicons mentioned), i can say that this even suprised ME (really though)
    I think that…. well…. okay whay not as long as no politicians find out about it
    (now THAT is a scary thought)

  4. I fucking hate the Japs and all the stupid American kids who live life by them, masturbating to their cartoons and all.
    And no:
    Learning the useless language of Japanese will NOT make you a sneaky jap in ANY way,
    Grow up.

  5. NK needs to die. That was mean.

    But still, this is one of the most hilarious games that I have ever seen. I thought it was ok until I read about the panty shots, then I just began XDing.

  6. NK you seem like a nice fella. Anyway, some people have some hobbies, what’s wrong with liking another country? I like Japan and I’m learning Japanese, but because I think it’s fun and I’m going to move there someday. It seems that YOU need to grow up and accept that people like different things. 1 point for differencies -_^, if we all would be like you, what a boring world ey?

  7. Why do people like NK still exist?

    And telling other to grow up, ha. What a joke.

    Ignorance must truly be hateful bliss for that sad fellow.

  8. Well, Nk, I you think about where our highest trade relations are currently, it makes sense to learn Japanese. Also, the Kanji used in Japanese was adopted to Chinese. As everyone knows, China is become a world superpower and may pass the United States withing this century. Socioeconomically, Japanese is one of the best language you can learn today. So STFU and GTFO you racist pig.

  9. NK, you’re making me so hot. I’m going to masturbate to your post tonight.

    And I think it’s a really cute idea for a game. ^.^

  10. Actually, kanji were adopted from Chinese. Also, learning one won’t necessarily mean you know the other, as Japanese kanji were borrowed from the older Chinese characters, before they were reformed and simplified. Learning Japanese won’t teach you Chinese any more than learning Spanish will teach you French.

    That being said, I like a lot of stuff that comes out of Japan… though this game is a bit much.

    Oh, and this NK person doesn’t deserve the honor of a reply.

  11. NIGGERKILLER: see? I can also choose an edgy, politically incorrect name. Oooh, I am so cool and dangerous!!! Fear my cowardice!!
    Oh, I almost forgot to put something inflamatory so that people will react to my useless trolls: kill all the (insert race here)!!!

    Yeah, I am so exxxtremmmeee!!! Everyone will want to be like me now!!


  12. I don’t know if it’s supposed to represent little girls as sexually appealing; then it’s pretty sick, but obviously the panty shot was meant as humiliation. This is an interestingly insightful; if odd insight into real cat fighting tactics. I don’t know if my distaste for the game is my American prudishness(I didn’t watch the clip) or a genuine effort to avoid prurient material of most disgusting nature. Some perverts like little girls in panties sexually, but most of just yell at them to put closthes on or they’ll catch their death going outside. If this game gets girls playing video games then I say it’s good if it’s designed for perverts it is illeagal in the USA(and should be).

  13. I don`t know if it`s supposed to represent little boy as sexualy appealing;then it`s pertty sick, but obivously the panty shot was meant as humiliation.This is an interestingly insightful; if odd insight into real cat fighting tactics.

  14. I like girls my favourit job is maths. I`m from berlin in germany.My sister name in sabine and my brother name is kastrravec.bbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  15. This game is quite clever indeed. Put would-be underage-panty-masturbators [1] in front of a little screen that gives them their desired stimulus very easily if they keep both hands occupied. If you use only one hand, pwnt. If they play long enough to get worked up, then try a finishing move, they lose the stimulus. MUST KEEP BOTH HANDS ON CONTROLLER!

    I suspect this might actually be for the underaged-girl-fancying-masochist japanese male market instead of what it appears to be on the surface. How sly.

    [1] I’m having trouble with the term here, and of course it must be one hyphenated phrase. kiddie-panty-wankers doesn’t really capture it, and teenie-thong-tossers sounds like a scottish wedding tradition. “Creeps” captures it, but is less precise than I would like.

  16. From what I’ve seen, this doesn’t have anything to do with paedophilia. At least know what the hell you are talking about if you are going to through words around.

  17. Where can I get me one of these? Seriously, this is why Japan is one of the 3 most creative countries on Earth, according to a recent study (the other two are Sweden and Finland).

  18. This is so childish and this game so turns to perveted males(as always). No i am no feminist but you get rather tired of seeing games that always is about less cloth, more boob bouncing etc. I mean really. I at least dont wanna buy a game cause i can see boobies or something. There is adult games for that(not that i like them either).

  19. Feminist isn’t a dirty word btw, and you shouldn’t feel the need to qualify your statements. Just say what you think. Anyway I am of 2 minds on the game, on the one hand it’s pretty amusing, at the same time I object to media which consistently links sex and violence together, and it’s hard to argue that this game doesn’t.

  20. Hey everyone analyzing this game and talking about the perverseness needs to get a sense of humor. This is a video game and these aren’t real people, and if you play it, it’s hardly pornographic. It’s called over the top and it’s further enriched by it’s controversial nature. Games that make you say ‘no way did they just do that?!’ are a great thing, and if they make the tight lipped grannies whine then woohoo as well.

    And if you’re wondering why a girl takes pictures of girls pantsis’, it’s clearly because they’re midgit lesbians.

  21. I’m with ditchwitch. On the one hand, I lived in Tokyo for ten years, and my god, this is SO JAPANESE that it makes me laugh. But, on the other hand, it does rankle the feminist in me. And it makes me somewhat leery of ever going back to Japan, now that I’m older and know that all the porn/female subservience stuff should rightly squick me the hell out.

  22. Degrading women is sooo funny, I mean you never see that happen in real life! If you think otherwise you have noooo humour! Now I’m going to wank of the pedo porn! That is normal behaviour, internet told me that!

  23. im american and i think this is immoral and perverse, me, my children and all americans cannot tell fiction from reality and end up doing everything we see or hear about while the rest of the world has a good laugh im serious morals and things are important amirite

  24. this game is teh fun, americans compraining :(, us japanese love bukakke, and have used girls panties in vending machines, this game rox, i play it one handed out the back of shitty wok while jerking off to it, i can speak engrish too!

  25. Another translation might be ‘Throwaway Character Spirits,’ and it’s a neat address to the odd openings characters would leave themselves to once (or as) thrown in DOA2…n, without putting Guilty Gear X tag-team-a-go-go foolishness in. Obviously if they have time, they’ll add male characters and a selection of moves that concrete (in-game) the imminent damage, such as slipping the guy’s underpants on his head and photographing that, having a hobo kiss him on the lips, stealing his secret car fetish design…. So far it’s not feminist or antifeminist either way; maybe if the finishing move involved exculpatory stuff for the victor, who avoids being expelled for fighting on school (or is it a temple there? Nice Hakama form!) grounds.

    Everyone who doesn’t like it: Let’s see those games about average (43+) and older Americans having unglamorous mediations! Ace ___, Detective is a pretty good entry, eh? Then…who’s supposed to buy these, again?

  26. Everyone seems to be forgetting, this is Doujin Ware, therefore, not representative of anyone but a very small group of people. You can’t judge a whole country on a miniscule cross-section. If 10 paedophiles decided to make a free game in the US about assaulting kids, you wouldn’t say the US is a country of paedos.

    I’m not saying they don’t have the lolicon stuff over there. They clearly do, and we see it as disturbing, but it’s not our place to judge. Their population is greater than ours, so if anything, we’re in the wrong… which is an odd thought.

  27. Decency is for white people, we asians put value and exploits way way ahead of morals. In fact, decency and morality are pretty much just words. Its not just japan, had any asian country gone through japan’s economic consumerism boom (over an extended time), we’d probably see the same kind of things from that country

  28. Being a bit used to the weird ideas of the japanese, I for one say that it’s probably both a crazy and funny idea. Not to everyone’s taste thorugh, as is more or less apparent here :p. But you can’t please everyone, can you? ^_-

    As for the comments about people mastrubating to stuff like this; people mastrubate to a lot of things; not much that can be done about that. Dry frog pills, anyone? ^_^.

  29. its a typical jap game. its not perverted at all. i was checkin out girls panties since 2nd grade (7yo). (im amerikan, CA) game gets boring after a while. id play it if i was 7yo again, but now i rather watch something with more boobage and creamy lips. id jack off to rap videos before a game about girls panties… just not stimulating enough… do i need viagra to play this game?

  30. lol….NK has a point though. It’s one thing to have a hobby, but to make it your life and live by it…now that is a bit extreme. To me, the Japanese are ok, just another ethnic group in this world. I do LIKE anime; I’ll watch it when I feel like it but my room isn’t covered in posters. I don’t have shelves of anime action figures, I don’t dress up as anime characters and I’m not learning Japanese (Although, I admit it would be nice since then I won’t have to wait for a translation of manga or anime), but I’m not that hardcore so I guess I can wait. I have other things to do.

    On a side note, don’t you see what the Japanese are doing? Americans want to be like the Japanese and move there and the Japanese want to be like the Americans and move there….hm…Japan is over populated…the US is big….so if everyone in the US would move to Japan and vice versa…;) So sneakeh!

  31. I like how people are crying and complaining about Japan being perverse and disgusting. Like America is some kind of holy grail filled with angels and cute kittens. The only difference is that Japan doesn’t hide that they are perverted bastards, while America likes to pretend that it’s holy sanctified.

  32. For gods sake!!! People writes……. for reasons i dont know how translate………
    Yanquis make Mega-violents games, People killing just for fun, etc: Oe day i saw a Norteamerican game that you gained points for atropelling people(i dont know how to write), extra points if were pregned(wll, with a baby in her stomaoch, i dont know english!!), if was a child or a ancian……..
    Ponjas(japanese man) Make Mega-Sexist games like this here………. soooooooooooo ¿whats the diference? For me you are all the same 1ºat worldist shit!! (Ah, I love anime)
    Pd: I dont know english, i talk spanish, drink mate and smoke the first green thing i found……
    Pd2: I have a girl who lives in berazategui, but i dont want to take two bondis to see my girl!

  33. …Did it ever occur to any of you that this is, by far, one of the single worst games ever to have been created in the history of video games? Just thought you should all know that.

  34. Oh get over it, it’s not nearly as bad as half the shit that pours out of video games and movies and TV and every other damn form of media today. I means it’s not like it’s real photos of little girls on the game, its some half-ass animation and really is probably not intended for perverts to jack off to. If the first thing you thought when you saw this was ‘oh those sick bastard pervert pedos are making this to wank off to’ YOU are the one who thought of it, not them, YOU are the sick shithead whose first thought was this must be intended to be treated as porn. (PS: all you who are saying stuff like thank god it’s not legal in the U.S. are wrong, this is absolutely legal in the U.S., child porn laws only restrict CHILD PORN, this does NOT include drawings animations etc. it applies only to real photos and videos, you know, real people.)

  35. I kind of understand the point about it being a Japanese way to humiliate rather than the American violent bloody deaths, but it’s still messed up…

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  38. This just a cultural thing, in Japanese schools taking a picture of a girls panties is a great humiliation, more often than not it’s other girl rivals that will try to do this. This game is merely a dramatization of that. Also Game Programming Study Club sounds much like a club that would be at a school.

  39. Nothing wrong with liking panties (for guys), it’s just a game, Japanese may be weird, but America is full of hypocritical puritans who are descendants of the crazy puritans that got kicked out of Europe. Feminists suck, stop ruining society and go back to being women!

  40. This would be a fine game if it had of-age girls, but once again… underaged, little girls. Unforgivingly despicible. Which just goes to show why most of the rest of Japanese society shuns otaku like the ones who produced this game.

  41. That is an interesting game with an interesting concept ^^;

    I wonder how many more games that the Japanese can give us that has more of creative and weird concepts. I really can’t wait till it appears here although I still doubt whether it will reach here in Southeast Asia ^^

  42. We have to understand that everyone see things differently. This game could be morally disturbing to one, but it could be hours of fun to another. Without tolerance of our indifferences, this argument would continue forever. Personally, i feeli ts perfectly OK for me to play this game as the realism of the content is hardly believable. Again, many might beg to differ. I understand ur cause though.

  43. Well said, TKY. I find it interesting how something so pointless as a game has brough up so much utter ignorence, to the level of racism. I’m all for letting people have their opinions, but need I remind you that although you may give your opinion, it may not mean shit to anyone else… Stop telling people they’re stupid, perverted, or whatever because they don’t think like you.

    Now, I’m going to play some ‘Melty Blood’. Who’s with me?

  44. >They can now return to planet Japania, leaving all the people of Earth horribly confused and scarred for life.

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    ⊂(#・∀・)  Damn!   
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    40 year old virgin….

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  53. Hey, It’s just nothin’ but a “home-made” Dojin’s.
    I cannot understand all of you who eagerly criticise this.
    Leave this alone.

    …. I recommend you Namco’s Wonder Momo. LOL

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  60. Behave yourself!


  61. We have already got used to the stupid ignorant racism of this country. hahaha…. ã‚‚ã?†æ…£ã‚Œã?£ã?“. Japs are all Samurai and Geisha. ahahaha…

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       _, ._
      ( ゚ Д゚)   …………
      ( �旦O

       _, ._
      ( ゚ Д゚)   ガシャ
      ( � O. __
      �_)_) (__()、;.o:。

          _ _  ξ
        (´   `ヽ�     __
      ⊂,_�(    )⊃  (__()、;.o:。

  69. japan surely going ruin.

    i heard the japanese, who make this blog messy are “2channers”
    “2cahnnel” is the biggest multi bulletin board system like dumping ground
    in the japanese internet.
    it is managed by insane people.
    they are wellknown as useress and dropped people.

    you would understand by their act.
    because they proving now.

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                        (   )  �  ./  |    \ �
                     _ �    )�   /  |     �|
                     �� /   //    /   |    � .|
                    ノ  ,/   /’    /    |│ ï¼?|
     _____      ,.� �/    |     /   .─┼─ |
    (_____二二二二)  ノ ( (.  |    / ┼�─┼─
                  ^^^’  ヽ, |  |   /   | |   |

  71. The saviour showed up in the chaotic BLOG !!!

             ヽ|・∀・|ノ Yohkan Man
    .         |__|
    .          | |

  72. (#^ω^) ビキビキ 英語ã‚?ã?‹ã‚“ã?ªã?„ã?Šã€€ã‚€ã?‹ã?¤ã??ã?Š

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         l;/  ``` ´´   ヾヾ、
        l;l            |;;;i
        `,            |/

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       l ;/   ̄ ̄ ̄  ヾヾ、
      l ;l  � 三 �   .|;;;i
      l / ,–―’、 >´ ̄ヽ.ヽl
      i^| - | | -  b.|
      ||    ̄ | |  ̄   |/  � ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
      |    �(oo)ヽ   |  < リアル���ん�感��よ�?頭皮?
       ヽ ヽ____ノ  /    \_______________
     __ ヽ  ニ  �i、__
     ::::::::::/::::|ヾー–ï¼? |:::::::|::::::::

  74. 外人ã?«ã?¯æ?¥ã?¨ã?„ã?†æ¦‚念ã?Œã?ªã?„ã?‹ã‚‰ã??ã?†ã?„ã?†ç…½ã‚Šæ–¹ã?™ã‚‹ã?¨æ—¥æœ¬äººã? ã?£ã?¦ãƒ?レるよw

  75.                ã?Šã?¾ã?ˆã?«è¶³ã‚Šã?ªã?„ã‚‚ã?®â€•ã€?ã??ã‚Œã?¯ï¼?ï¼?
            �⌒ヽ        情熱�想�念頭脳気�優雅�勤勉�ーーー
     ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
           丿  �
    .  �=三( ヽノ
          ノ 入 ヽ _
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         �=三ノ   �
        �=三( ヽノ
      �=三�� >>
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      ヽ �┼�  ��\��     __/  、ヽヽ ┌─�   l   l   _�            | ̄| | ̄|. | ̄|
      ”’7 lココ      〉    ̄ /ï½€`ヽ\  └┬┘   レ  l   ï¼? ̄ \  l    l   | |  | |  | |
       ) �|\   、       /    |    ./├       l     __l.     l    l   |__|  |__|  |__|
      ∠-â€?â€?â€?â€?–   ゙”â€?–   /   、/    /”â€?â”´â€?–    /     ã?—’ヽ     レ    l  □  â–¡  □

  76.     ∧ ∧ ボイ�ボイ�
      (( *‘ω‘*) =3          (><;) カゼ���ん����?
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    ã?¡ã‚ƒã‚“ã?¨å¯?ã?¦ã?¦ã??ã? ã?•ã?„ã?­ã€€ï¼¿_
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       / ⊃⊃ � (‘ω‘* )7 �|
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         ï¼? ,’´       ï¼?  ï¼?
        �_______�  �
        ||            ||  �

                            i´ ____ `i
           _____.          | | >< | |
          �    ,    \         | |�日記 | |
          |_∧ ∧ ´-__|      | |____| |
         � ( *‘ω‘)7  .�|       ヽ__ __ノ
       ��/´⌒⌒⌒ヽ��  |        __∨____
      ï¼? ,’´       ï¼?  ï¼?       ï¼?  ï¼?_ï¼?    ï¼?λ
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    (#><)  ∫     ∧ ∧ �ん���
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                    �: : : : : : :/: : : : �/_____�    l: .
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    .  |  |                 l: : : : l: :/            r’´ ̄ ‘ヽ,     l: : :
     丿 |             l: : : :l: :l ///              ヽ  l: : : :
        ┘             l : : l: :l         ‘      ///    l: : : : :
    __l_                l: : l: : ヽ      r– 、 __        /: : : : :
       |                  l: :l: : /|\    弋   ノ       /: : : : : :
       /                 l lï¼? l: : ã‚?ã€?    â€?ー’        /: : : : : : :
      ノ                  ‘   |ï¼?  ’ â€?ェ、 _____ ,ã€?-â€?â€?/: : ï¼?l: :ï¼?
     / ̄)                     _,ã‚£’´|’ー—-ï½° ”ト、ィ’´/: ï¼?  レ
       /                   râ€?’ ̄   ï¼?:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:l. ヽ/ï¼?
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       ・              � l  ///   / ��\:.:.:.:.:.:�       \

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          `”|          |:::::::::::::::::::::}     ``ー””
            !       ’、:::::::::::::::::::i
            ‘、 `-=””フ’ー”ヽã€?::::::::::/ヽ、-─-、,,-”’ヽ
             \_ï¼?     ヽ–ã??   _,,,..–â”´-、 ヽ
                         ``”      \>

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    (  ,’          i;;;;;|  i:::::::::::::::::::::;ノ    ヽ-、,,/”ー”’ 7    q -´ 二 ヽ      |
     `”|          |;;;;;;i   |:::::::::::::::::::::}        ``ー”    ”ノ_ ー  |     |
       !       ’、;;;/   ‘、:::::::::::::::::::i                \. ̄`  |      /
       ‘、 `-=””フ’ー”’    ヽã€?::::::::::/ヽ、-─-、,,-”’ヽ          Oï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼? |
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  80. 外人�カ�www

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      ⊂コ二Lフ^´  ノ, �⌒)                 |  ,,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,,.:|
      ⊂l二L7_ / -ã‚?-‘)´                .+ |   ï½€-=ニ=- ‘ .:::| + .
           \_  、__,.イ\           +     \   `ニニ´  .::�    +
            (T__ノ   Tヽ        , -r’⌒!ï¿£ `”:::7ヽ.ï½€- 、   ./|  .
             ヽ¬.   / ノ`ー-、�

  82.        ,!                       |
           {    /i  i    i   、        |
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        __ ∠{   / | L| | .ト |`ï½°i H |_ヽl |l | | l)ll!””””iiii、    ã?“    ã?ª
        }||llllll{  、 lï¿£ã‚?’、 `|`N |  >,ã‚?-、V! | .| | ノ、,,} ヽヽ     ã?®ã€€    ん
         ’|| ï¼¼ ∨、i”{::ï¼›:i       “ï½›.:;ï½?}” |ノノイ’ï½?i;, l ヽヽ    ス    ã?ª
          {/{ 〃`i.、 、_ヽ:ノ       `-´´ ’!7″,!)ノ ’!i;, | | `    レ    ん
          ‘,ii!’  l l ////     /////  / /”l j ノ!|liヽï½?     ã?¯ã€€ã€€ã€€ã€€ã?§
         ,;ii!”∧  |│    `         / / l/ï½²:/:: `||,,}、     !?     ã?â„¢
        ,ill!”/ ∧ 、│|ï¼¼    c-==ュ    ,イl l,! /”j/l |./|||| ””         ã?‹
       l|||-“─–`、.|_!-、`;. 、_       ,. ” l ,! l'” .'”  ‘1 |||l            `

    ( ^ω^) ボク��気�入り紹介���る� �や�����

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            _、â€?”::     -”’_,,,,,,,””ï½°-  ”~^”””””…i
         _、â€?”  :   _、â€?””:;:、:iヽ;、:”ï½°-、,,_   ”””’ ヽ
        ,、;’     :,i  _/”;::;:;:i、;、:i、iヽー-、-、;;`ー、,_   ヽ
      _、â€?”_、-”'”~^i’ i’/;::|::::i::、,-、;ヽi、ヽ ,,,,,、,,_ヽ;i、:ヽ、   i、
     /-”'”:::::::::::::::ノ ノi:::;:ヽ::ï¼?”、ヽ、;、` ‘”i”’;;;ヽ”iヽ;;i;、i、   i
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           “i::: i”:i |;、;::;;ヽ;’-ヽ、,,’  ,   ””” /、;;;;;/i/:::ï¼?
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                     i  、ヽ,,,:::::::’-ヽ,,,ト、,,::ヽ、ー;;;;;/  、     ヽ
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          ,,-â€?–,,,,_       i、::::    i、ヽ ヽ :;;;;i_、i、,ヽ:::i;;:::ノ,,:       ヽ    ::ヽ   ヽ
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      i”;:;i~^i、:: i;;;iー、i`ï½°-,-、,,,,,,,,,,、 i/、、ヽ、,,,,,___,,,,`’、_’、,,,,,,,,,,,、-i::   ::i、   ::::::::::/i       :、:::i、
      ‘、:_’、::ノノー:::iï½°:::i :i’ i’、;i、;;;,,,,,,,`”’ーヽヽ,,,ï½°,–â€?'”i:ノ””ï½°-,â€?””;;::   :;;ヽ  :::ï¼?ï¼?        ヽ::i.
    ‘ー、  ヽ,;;:::::ヽ,:ヽ,,ヽー-,ヽ-、ー-、,,,,,-、,,,-â€?/   /    ヽ-、,,,,,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;_、-”~â€?’~  ::、     ヽ:i
    `’ï½°”ー、,,_~’iï½°-ヽ,;;;’;â€?i´i´; 、 ノ~””””ï½°””””’i、_   /、   i”;;”ï½°-~^””ï½°”^~—、,,,,,,   :::、      ヽi
    、,,,_ ~^”ï½°’i-,,,,-i、;;;;;i、.i::i::::、     i、 ::| ””ヽ_、,,iï½°-â€?â€?’ï½°-â€?””、â€?ï½°-、,,,,;;::::-、,,,ï½°~~~^””””””~”’ï½°-
     ~^”ï½°-、,,,,_–:i´;;;;;;:ヽi::i、:::i、    i:: iヽ.     |´~~^~~~~ヽ´      i~””ï½°””””’ï½°–â€?–、_;;;;;ヽ;
    、__    `~^””’i、;;;;;;;;;i’i:::| i:::i、     i::: :i:::ï½€”ï½°-â€?’i”  ::::::   :i      |、   ::::::::::::、   ::::~^’ï½°
     ~”’ー、,,,__ ” ~”’ヽ;;;;;;/ ;;i’ i:::ヽ    i、::i;;;;”ï½°”’~~i   :::::::   ヽ,_  __、-‘i’   ::::::::::::::、    ::::::ヽ
          ~^”””””'””’ i:/  i;;;;;i、    i、ノ::::::::::::::::i ::  :::::::   ::’i;ï¿£~-â€?””i:::   ::::::::::::::、  ::、 ::::::
                i;i   i;;;;;;i    /:::::::::::::::::i  ::  :::::::  :::i:::::::::::::::::i::::    ::::::::::::::、  ヽ: :
                /:i   iヽ;;;i    /:::::::::::::::::i:  ::  ::::::::  :::::i::::::::::::::::::i::::    :::::::::::::::、  ヽ:::
                i::i   |/”^’i、  /::ー、:::::::::::i  :::  :::::::::  :::::i:::::::::::::::::ヽ:::   ::::::::::::::::ヽ  ;;/
               i;;;;、  ’    ` i::::::ヽ::::;;;;;;i  :::::  ::::::::  :::::::i:::::::::::::::::::i、::   ::::::::::::::::::ヽ./
               i..-、i、      i:::::::::”i::;;;;;;i`ー、::::  :::::::::  :::::::iヽ、:::::::::::::i:::    ::::::::::::::::ï¼?
                i’ `’       i::::::::::::;;;;;;;i   ヽ._  :::::::::  ::::::::i”ヽ:::::::::::::i:::    ::::::::ï¼?”
                         |:::::::::;;;;;;;;|   i;:;; ::::::::: ::::::::::i::::::;::;;;;;;;;;;i::::    :::�
                         |:::::: ;;;;;;;;i    `”ー、,,,、-â€?-、,,_ :i:::::::::;;;;;;;;;;i::::  _、-”
                         i:::::: ;;;;;;;|             i:::::::: ;;;;;;;;;|,,-â€?””
                     _、-â€?i::::::::;;;;;;/              ‘i:::::: ;;;;;;;;;|
                    i””´_,,,ノ:::::::;;;;;;i´ヽ、            i::::: ;;;;;;;;i
                    ヽヽ、;;i::::::::;;;;;;;i、 i’ヽ            i::::: ;;;;;;;i
                    |`”、ヽ’i;;::;;;,,,、-â€?””i           _,、-i::::: ;;;;;;;i”ー、_
                    ”ー、~i、i、;;/~iâ€?”^/”         i””_,,,,i::::: ;;;;;;;i”’ー、ヽ
                      i~ï½°iヽi’ i´-i”'”          i、ヽ;;;;i::::::;;;;;;;;_、-‘”ノ
                     i;;:、-””””ï½°i’i.            i_i.i,:;;i::::/””-â€?”'”i´
                      i::::’ï½°””i”’i”ï½°i、            ヽ,ヽi::/ /:::_,,、-‘”
                     i::::::::::::::’ï½°’:::::ヽ            /”ï½°’,,/”'”´:;i’|
                     |::::;ï¼?””~~^”ï½°|.            /’/~~~~^ヽ:::;i i
                     |i’´      `i          /:::”ï½°”~^”””:;ノi´
                     i”、       ノ;i          /-”’~~^”’ー、::::::iノ
                    ヽ`’ー、,,,,,,,,、-”~ノ         /´      ヽ,i”
                      ”ï½°-、,,,,,、-”’~          i        ’i
                                     i`’、      _、”i’

  87. 英語分�ら���ら���訳�

    J:ã?¤ã?‹ã?“ã‚“ã?ªã?“ã?¨ã?§é¨’ã??ã?‹ã‚‰æ—¥æœ¬äººã?¯ã?¾ã?¬ã?‘ã? ã?¨æ€?ã‚?れるんã? ã‚ˆã€‚

    It seems that the Japanese is stupid because it makes noise by these kind of
    things of the hilt.


  88. よ�兄弟

  89. I cannot understand English well.
    Are they criticizing us? even so, these ascii arts are impolite and make them angry I think. Shame on you, Vipper.

  90. >I think that the Japanese are thought to be idiots because it makes fuss of such a thing.



  91. ã?Šå‰?らè?’ã?™ã?ªï¼?ã??ã??ロリコン野朗ï¼?
    livedoorã?®è¨³ã?Œã‚ˆã??ã?ªã?‹ã?£ã?Ÿã? ã?‘ã? ã€‚

  92. �ら�ょ��目を離��隙�糞vipper����大変�事����る�。

  93.             __,.—–.,___
              |:::r’~  ~””””-、::|                 
              |;;| ,ã?¸ï½¤ã€€ ,.ヘã€?.|::|        Stupid!! I understand “fucking Jap”      
             r’レ’  .ï½¥ .::::::. ・  .’y^i               
             ã‚?’、   ’、___,’.  ,;’-‘                
               ’、  —-  .,;’                                 
                ’;、     .,;’                                
                  ̄ ̄ ̄                                 

  94. hi im vipper.
    i came from planet japania.

    dont worry.most vipper are not understand english.

    the cause is this blog was taken up on the majors site in japan.
    and the translation from english to japanese was not appropriate,
    a lot of people seem to have visited here.

    It apologizes on behalf of vipers.

    oh,it returns my planet because mother is calling.

  95. Why do phucking Japs apologize on behalf of someone else? WTF? I mean this VIP dude is apologizing for rest of Japan. Is this some Kamikaze Bull-sh@t? COREA COREA

  96. Psss…I am actually the guy who is writing here as a Korean but am actually Japanese. These mofo from 2ch are trolls. They are saying how embarassing it is to troll a foreign site blah blah blah and that they are misrepresening the WHOLEjapanese people.

  97. Dear Entire Country of Korea,

    Sorry for all that genocide during WW2, and all the other nasty stuff we’ve done to you. We’re also really sorry we lost your Sleater Kinney CD, and told Singapore we thought you looked fat in those pants. You really don’t look fat. You’re beautiful. We were jealous. As a token of our sincerity, you can have Gackt. Or Chiasa Aonuma. But not both. Well, OK, you can have both, because we really are sorry and don’t want you to feel cheated. I hope that sometime in the future we can be friends, and maybe even do each others’ hair, and work together on some anime or an MMORPG or something.

    The Entire Country of Japan

  98. Wow! My blog has finally brought an end to centuries of enmity between two entire nations! Who knew the internet could be so powerful??

    I’m not worried about the 2ch trolls; there are trolls everywhere, and I was already familiar with 2ch’s coolness, so a few trolls aren’t going to ruin it for me. Thanks for the concern, though!

    Reading back over my original post, I realize it certainly could be mis-interpreted to mean “the Japanese should go back where they came from” — especially to someone for whom English is not their first language — but that’s not what’s meant at all. The post means that “行殺! Spirits” is so uniquely Japanese, and so unlike anything in America, that it blows a fuse in my American brain. Like Hard Gay or Gilgamesh Night. :)X

  99. 日本人���帰り�����

  100. ��程度�大騒�?(´ー`)�ャ�コロ�バカ�ョ����世�ら消�����よhehehe


  102. Cook moti friends!Moreover, the bad habit of VIP must not go out.Not to digress,NEW CURE BLACK in the PRECURE 3rd term has so cute hairstyle.Thinking about her makes my brain skip a beat yes huuuh huuuuuuuuhhhh

  103. Sorry for these misbehavior of 2ch trolls.
    Misinterpreted and bad translated article was posted on 2ch thread, and this happened.
    Now they understand their misunderstandings, and some say sorry for you.

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  105. Japanese is SEX Animal. They Raped Korea for 36years. They also try to Rape the Name of Sea “The East Sea” to “The Japanese Sea”. All Japanese must be killed. Korean is greatest People of the World.

  106.        , ───────────── �
    | ̄ ̄|_�                    : \
    |   |          Little Boy        : |
    |   |  ::::::::::::………….             : |
    |__| ̄ \ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: �
              |:.:.|     ,、-ー-、   |:.:.|
              |.:.:.|   ,r'”´ ̄`ヾ、  |:.:.:|
              |.:.:.|   リ ,,, ニ ,,,_ ヾ /.:.:/ 
              ヽ:.:.:\,ハ ^7 ,^  !/.:.:./  Fucking jap
                 |:.:.:.:.:.:| }-{/i.:/.:.:.:.:|
                  !.:.:.:.:.:.:.!  ̄ リ.:.:.:.:| 

  107. Ah the South Korea army of Flu.

    Hateful record of our private parts and Vietnamese war crime investigation committee that is made to the 24th Vietnam war anniversary and seen

    The child and the pregnant woman : without mercy ….

    (In the number of Vietnamese people killed by photograph/forgetting ‘War’ . South Korea army, even only official statistics are 41,450 people. )

    First of all, servicemen ..”.. shot the gun toward the priest. When it was necessary to help continuously, the gun was shot also at the woman and the buddhist saint who ran away. Corpse..all..burn.It is a testimony to Yuenhan. At that time, he of just becoming finally 15 years old confesses that he hid the breath without frighten keeping pale, and giving the yell. Five priests lived in the Rinson temple. Priest Pf went down to the village earlier than Smosou, and was chanting sutra with Moca at that time. As for the majority of the testimony, it is performed through Yuenhan, and priest Pf of the only survivor is silent in the temple. People considered the descendant of the hero of the slaughter at that time though a story at that time was told. Please bring the cold tea, peel off the skin of the fruit, and recommend it, and tears overflowed when drawing it to water and it went out that rinse a mouth dirty as it ate the papaya.

    The temple had already turned into pandemonium when priest Pf came back to the village. Priest Pf moved the corpse of five priests who had been fed to the fire to the hut in the vicinity. It was from uneasiness to the corpse seizure. The school in a regional whole area of the bread orchis resolved leave of absence when this was told, and students and buddhists uprose all together. “A Vietnamese government must interrupt the peaceable people slaughter at once. ” “Go out of Vietnam to the murder” etc. Priests’ corpses were able finally to be cremated by passing the 12th by a terrific yell’s involving the bread orchis.

    It ..”.. was not made ..monk.. to repose even if it cremated it. It is because the temple where monks were enshrined disappeared. year..this..temple..enshrine.Priest Pf kept talking a little in a low voice. The temple that had fallen in ruins due to the event of the of serviceman of South Korea firearm firing at random received the bombing again again afterwards, there were not marks, and either disappeared. And, the temple was built with help of buddhist’s Vietnamese brothers in the U.S. again last year. Priest Pf was able to come back to this temple as Smosou after an interval of 30 years. There is Three-Storied Pagoda where remains of priests who died in front of the temple at that time were supplied. We one line prayed for priest bowing ahead of that.

    The story that we had to hear in the Rinson temple might meet now, and become a story of the most reposeful in a lot of testimonies as for either. It was possible to look about emptiness, the sea, and the field at one view by looking down from the seat in Taiyu Hoden. Are still very much a lot of stories concealed the scenery only of unlimitedly and nostalgia and in that wherever it pays attention ..only wherever it is unlimited and is peaceful..?. The author started on a journey to the Chubu region where the military operation of the South Korea army was progressed in the keenness again again by ‘we and we’ one line, and came back to Ho Chi Minh by the heavy walking that was not able to be shaken off though it looked back on the Rinson temple.

    “Murder after women are raped”

    It is told by trying having avoided a fight as immediate even south Vietnamese National Liberation Front as possible (NLF) because the South Korea army did a cruel genocide. The slaughter act that the moral duty in the strategy of searching, and destroying the grounds ground of the vietcong by the Vietnam war that there was not the front, and either whether the enemy was anyone was not understood did not distinguish the young and old man and woman was made to be justified. It introduces the part here though the content clarifies the record that the author has very hateful, and in detail, and there was a load.

    The battalion two South Korea army operation forces was Bindinson, city of Cinyon on December 22, 1965, and the mopping-up operation of the search ..under the slogan “It killed beautifully, it burnt beautifully, and destroyed it beautifully”.. was Chiroge after having shot 500 cannons or more. They slaughtered the peaceable people who exceeded 50 people or more including six elderly persons in this village at 22 children of 12 years old or less, 22 women, 3 pregnant women and nursing mothers, and the age or more of 70.

    “… etc. gave birth to the child, were shot with the gun on the second day, and died. Her child stepped with ammunition boots, was crushed, and had thrown it away on the chest of mother where did the stream of blood still. The friend who reached in the pregnancy eight months penetrated the bullet, died, and the womb had gone out. Shooting the daughter who was carrying the child who became one years old on the back was killed, child’s head was cut out, and it threw it away to ground, and the soldier of South Korea cut out to various shape and threw it away to the hollow.

    After the neck of the child of two years was folded, killed, a certain child’s body was lifted, it threw out to the tree, and it killed, they also put it on the combustion fire. Leg..shoot..fall..become hollow..throw away.

    The telephone came from ‘we and we’ one line while it separated in the bread orchis and the Cinyon city was surveyed after an interval of the second. It ..”.. found it. That time..examine..commissariat..president..story. It is ‘the conference on war crime investigations of a Vietnamese central part various places’ that extends for two days on the 19th and March 20, 1966 and told stories in every clear ..crime of the South Korea army… It obtains, and this material ..”.. comes to frighten it. There is a chance that we might have to replenish it with this material more. Around..this..material..introduce..region..South total residents were slaughtered for about one month until 66 January 23th – February 26ths of year by 2 piece hard three Toratai platoon and private battalion of security (Self Defense Forces)3 pieces only in this region, it did not remain one in that, and the erased family became as much as eight families according to the report at that time. Moreover, food that reached 1535 house and 8.5 million t was burnt out, the buffalo that reached 649 died by the bullet, and combustion was killed.

    Such a search mopping-up operation developed by the method to burn the house after it deciding promptly disposed of residents who primarily opened the strategy region to the public in the pattern bombing etc. , were turned on ground troops such as South Korea armies to the site, and remained in the village and to crush the whole village with the bulldozer etc.A common point in the testimony concerning survivor’s South Korea army is arson to the rape murder to the indiscrimination machine gun firing at random, the mass murder, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and the woman and houses people..slaughter..method..arrange..some..common..pattern..appear.

    – It erases it by firing the machine gun at random collectively in after residents (The majority is a woman it, an elderly person, and children) are gathered in one place or the group how many.

    – After cornering residents to one household and firing the gun at random, those who die and the survivor burn everything with the house.

    – Child’s head is divided, it beheads, the leg is cut, and it throws it in to the fire cutting limbs.

    – It steps with ammunition boots until the embryo’s tearing and going out of pregnant women and nursing mothers’ bellies murdering it after the woman is raped and it crushes.

    – The suffocation death is made to corner residents to the tunnel in the village, to pour the poisonous gas, and to be done.

    In the place where the South Korea army had been forced to commit genocide, it was being made for the candy and the cake to contain by children’s mouths. The cigarette was often held in elderly persons’ mouths. Perhaps, it seems to have been a means to collect to one place while making the villager relieved.

    The as one thought, do you reflect on the truth?

    The Vietnam war is a war in us that wants to forget. South Korea..medical turned it on from 65 to 73 years thereafter to the Vietnamese front under the dignified name ‘the request of a Vietnamese government’ the combat element of about 300,000 people. 4960 people or more were killed, and ten 10000 people or more injured the South Korea army by this process. However, the South Korea army also suppressed complete victory (?) that killed Vietnamese people of the enemy force by as many as 41,450 people. The enemy force that reached ten times the death toll of my army was made killed. It also : only on official statistics.

    And, the war ended. However, 24 years are received, and new report of a gun sounds here and there on the earth in the end of the war at this moment. The voice to call out human rights in Kosovo is high in South Korea. It gives birth to one wound with a different again the 21st century before the wound of the 20th century heals. We will not have in the future without the process of ..damaged ‘today’.. recovering ..the assailant and the victim.. either. Even if holding through the pain that it plunges a scalpel into the conscience becomes possible.

    The history throws one question mark on us.

    The as one thought, do you reflect on the truth?

    Correspondent C Sjon of = of orchis of ..Ho Chi Minh.. bread

    Hangyore 21 No.256 on May 06, 1999.

    Copyright 1995-1998 Hangyore newspaper

  108. Takeshima problem

    1.Consistent standpoint (1) Takeshima in our country JAPAN is an obviously peculiar territory to my country on the comparison to a historical fact and International Law.

    (2) Any done measures is not the one to have legal validity against Takeshima based on the illegal occupancy it done like being groundless ..International Law ..upper.. in any way.., and such an illegal occupancy South Korea. occupy by South Korea of Takeshima
    Note..South Korea..side..our country..effect..rule..own..right..establish..South

    Bringing a case to International Court of Justice

    (1) There was no South Korea according to this in September, 1954(1954)(Is it agreed beforehand to accept the compulsion jurisdiction of ICJ or was not set the jurisdiction of ICJ as long as there were no what etc. separately declared the intention of agreement) though our country proposed to South Korea having the verbal note and bringing a case this case problem to International Court of Justice (ICJ).

    (2) In the Japan-South Korea foreign ministerial meeting in March, 1962, on the other hand, International Court of Justice this case problem did not obtain a positive reaction from South Korea for the Saitoc new South Korea foreign affairs part secretary from the Osaka Yotarou Foreign Minister though reference was Gi.

    Situation of illegal occupancy of South Korea

    (1) Takeshima is made for the security force member (police) to reside between July and present of 1954(1954), lodgings, the lighthouse, the observation post, and the antenna, etc. have been set up, and South Korea seems to have been strengthened every year.

    (2) The coming alongside the pier facilities where 500t class ship was able to be used were constructed completely in November, 1997 though it was a protest over ?=ruijisuru from my. In addition, the manned lighthouse was constructed completely in December, 1998.

    Japanese Government

  109. Wow this IS really creative although I do not wanna purchase a copy.
    Looks like these guys are amateurs. I guess they did a tremendous job on programming this.
    I cannot help but imagine what they would make if they divert their creativity to something more generally acceptable.

  110.         ∧_∧ ハァハァ
      シコ   ( ´Д`/”lヽ
          /´   ( ,人)
      シコ  (  ) ゚  ゚|  |  ��言���下��ん���������ww
          \ \__,|  ⊂llll
            \_� ⊂llll
            (  ノ  ノ
            | (__人_) \

  111. Wow, this has really got out of hand. Who’d have thought a short article on some fan-made video game would turn so… (and I use the next word lightly!) political.

  112.        .ï¼?”´:;;::;;;: ::::;::”ソヽ
           / ,ヘ~-ï½°’´⌒``ヽ:ヽ
          / ノ 彡:三:嗅�:ミ |:│
          | |. __,,;;ィ  t;;;;,,,_ :ヽ│
           | |ï½¼ ,ィェァ’) (.yェュ、 ï¾?| |   ヘイï¼?ï¼?
          !r、|  ”””. | | ”””  Y )    折れを忘れるã?ªã‚ˆï¼?
          ヽ{ ヽ. (r、 ,n)  /:: };ノ
           �}  : 、___二__., ;:::::jJ
            !、.:. ´ ..::::… `ノ::::ノ
            _,〉、ã‚? '””‘ノï¼?:|
          __,,ã‚£’;;;;ト `ニニ: ::..ノ|ヽ、_
     -ー””””;;;;;;;;;;;;ヽ ï¼¼::::::::ï¼? /;;;;;;;;;;;ï½€”ï½°-、,,,,__
     ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;ヽ   >

  113. how does all comments on all posts turn into racist crap.
    grow up kiddies, just grow up, you’re not big and you’re not clever.


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  115. I just e-mailed the creators of the game, asking about ordering it.
    It looks like a decent fighter, really. Classic 2D anime fighting with 3D graphics. I immediately thought of Rival Schools, but this panty-shot thing is hilarious. I’m a junky for this fighting game style, upskirts or not. I have to play it.

    Full review if I ever get my hands on it.

  116.   .��´:;;::;;;: ::::;::�ソヽ
           / ,ヘ~-ー’´⌒``ヽ:ヽ
          / ノ 彡:三:嗅�:ミ |:│
          | |. __,,;;ィ  t;;;;,,,_ :ヽ│
           | |シ ,ィェァ’) (.yェュ、 �| |   ヘイ��
          !r、|  ‘��’. | | ‘��’  Y )    折れを忘れる�よ�
          ヽ{ ヽ. (r、 ,n)  /:: };ノ
           �}  : 、___二__., ;:::::jJ
            !、.:. ´ ..::::… `ノ::::ノ
            _,〉、ã‚? ’â€?”‘ノï¼?:|
          __,,ィ’;;;;ト `ニニ: ::..ノ|ヽ、_
     -ーâ€?’’â€?”;;;;;;;;;;;;ヽ ï¼¼::::::::ï¼? /;;;;;;;;;;;ï½€’’ー-、,,,,__
     ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;ヽ   >

  117. Those who are abusing, why you brainless dudes didn’t realize it as a
    wried game made by some abnormal japanese. Though I don’t understand
    why so many japanias engage in loli games, that’s just their personal affairs.

  118. Its for the PC. I’m playing it right now, the full version(not telling where I got it)… its badass. Not the best fighting game, but the panty shot mechanic is really unique and makes the game interesting to play.

    And better yet, every time you beat story mode with a girl, you unlock a different set of panties for her to wear. Not sure how long it will remain fun to play, it could get old but then again maybe not. ^_^

  119. Lol @ Lolipedo Snap!

    Considering the desperation there is to come up with an original concept nowadays, I’m not surprised.

  120. I am American and I am hardly offended by this game. I’ve seen the game movie. and played the demo. and it’s pretty much the Street fighter I would Imagine playing when i was 10. and I have to say. it is a very creative perspective on the whole street fighter type games. leave it to the japanese to come up with something like this.

    I mean it’s better that they make a game like this then go around on subway trains grouping women is it not?

    sick bastards. 😉

    love to see that happen on a new york subway train.

    I don’t get you people. IF you take offence to this game then Take Offence to the Movie Jersey Girl. Didn’t anyone of you here find that to be disturbing?

    every 3 and a half sceenes they show that little girl sitting on the toilet.

    now That Offended me.

    so why would some strange japanese game with low count 3d models of a low res texture that looks like underware offend?

  121. I don’t understand why a lot of people are offended by this game. Sure, when I first read about it, I was like; WHAT-the-FUCK, you have to take photographs of your opponent’s panties to stop their health from regenerating?! That’s fucking weird!

    But, you know, after watching the movie I think it’s quite humorous.

    You people are taking it way too serious. I mean, come on, this game probably really wasn’t meant to statisfy the needs of Japanese paedophiles, and anyone that masturbates to this game is either too ugly to get a girlfriend, or simply too stupid to download some real porn.

  122. Oh, yeah, I wanted to add that this game’s fighters probably aren’t meant to be LITTLE girls, but adults. I mean, shit, the characters are drawn in that typical anime style, and as far as I know, every adult-anime-woman looks like a fucking teen. Claiming that all Japanese are paedophiles just because the characters in this game look slightly underaged is just nonsense.

    Ah well, I could care less. I’m just glad I’m not American nor Japanese.

  123. to all you ppl who think that japanse are perverted and only them get weird ideas, there is a game reviewed on something awful, which is a western game, an rpg. its kind of sexual and monsters eat you and shit you back out
    this game was made by a guy who gets turned on at the idea of a woman getting eaten by monsters. so there are oerverts everywhere

  124. I’d just say that due to cultural differences, anything out of social norms is probabily ignored, and that gives a them certain freedom to come out with some unique stuff.

    Not that I’ll play this game though, probabily won’t compare to the King of Fighters series and panty shots are definitely not tempting.

  125. Koreans are disgusting subhuman animals who love to eat dogs. Everytime I see them I feel nauseous. We all know Japs never raped them
    cus Korean bitches are way too ugly to bang.

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